WILD CHILD Shirt for Women | The Story Behind the Design

I may have been called a “Wild Child” once or twice in my life, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t intended to be a positive thing. 🤷‍♀️⁠

I say embrace your inner wild!! I sure have, and willfully, because it has given me some amazing experiences…

Once in Costa Rica I jumped on a bus with a friend in search of some friendship string. We didn’t have any real place to go, so decided to explore the area and let the string search lead us along. As it neared dusk we still hadn’t found string, nor could we find a place to stay in any of the nearby towns… so we befriended a sweet family who welcomed us into their home. And we returned a few weeks later to photograph their daughter’s wedding!⁠

(For the record we never did find that string.)

It’s that same fearless drive that had me flying to Peru one winter on a whim, with two strangers I had never met before but had the same heart for adventure as I do. We hiked Machu Picchu over Christmas and then celebrated New Year’s in Cusco’s Plaza de Armas, trading fireworks with kids all night. Sure beats a trip to Times Square!

As a parent we are suddenly faced with this expectation of ultimate responsibility and predictability. It becomes harder and harder to justify acting on a whim. For me, that expectation felt SMOTHERING. It was hard to feel like myself, without the freedom of spontaneity! ⁠

It turns out like everything else in life, all I needed was balance (and a little therapy, of course!). Now you’ll find me just as likely to break into a kitchen dance off as I am to sweep the crumbs off the floors, and I will often take hour-long unplanned detours just so that we can watch the sun set over the city or rain fall on the lake. Without umbrella, of course.

I am happy to host a party for my kids… as long as I get my turn on the trampoline! Still a #wildchild inside here. 💃⁠

I wear my Wild Child shirt waiting for my kids at the school pick up line, over leggings while chilling in my minivan… because I like the reminder that I haven’t lost that zest for life! I carry it with me.

You can find YOUR Wild Child shirt here or here… Wear it with pride!

wild child shirt in mustard color, simple text and flower design hand drawn by artist

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