Winner of our first Giveaway | Free Shirt for our Store Launch!

CONGRATULATIONS to Instagrammer Mollie Relihan: the recipient of a FREE SHIRT as part of our first Instagram giveaway!! We appreciate your support and are excited to see you sporting your Independent Mama gear!

Mollie is a fellow coffee lover, and selected Pamela’s very own favorite shirt: our Coffee First, Schemes Later design, in the Heather Orchid color.

The Coffee First design was first doodled on a napkin, waiting for our own coffee to brew one morning. Truth be told I’m a schemer all day long, but it sure is easier to do with a pot of hot brew!

Funny story, I never truly understood the power of coffee until I hit 40… It always seemed to give me headaches, so I tended to avoid it. But with my fourth pregnancy, coffee was my biggest craving! I had to ask my doctor if it was okay for me to START drinking it, while most pregnant women were being told to cut BACK!

I guess you could say that this shirt design is a tribute to my toddler and a very understanding OBGYN!

For a chance at your own free gear or hand drawn shirt designs, be sure to follow Independent Mama on Instagram… we will offer periodic giveaways for those who like and save our posts. And feel free to message us with any suggestions for blog content; we would love to connect with you!