Morocco: The Perfect Girls Getaway for the Adventurous Mom

In June 2019 I traveled to Morocco with my good friend Erica for 3 weeks. We explored the souks of Marrakesh, drove out to Merzouga sand dunes to sleep in the Sahara, meandering through small towns along the way, spent time with a Berber family, volunteered with Project Soar, then headed out to the relaxing beach town Essaouira.

american women riding camels in the sahara desert at sunset

I learned SO MUCH about myself on this trip. It turns out that after popping out four kids in 7 years, I really needed some time to think.

Travel gives you thought space.

You don’t need to have kids to be constantly fighting the need to just BE without agenda or responsibility. You feel it in the tension in your back and in your shorter temper. (At least I do!) I wrestle with anxiety and have been told time and again to turn to yoga or meditation. Which sounds amazing, and also a luxury that I do not afford myself.

woman leans against old stone wall in front of rocky beach in essaouira on morocco coast town

Well let me tell you it’s so FREEING to turn off the clock and let go of the checklists and just see where the days take you. 

Sure, we can’t escape EVERY day. But every once in a while? When we’re feeling run down? Why not? 

For me, taking a break from the daily grind to give myself time for my thoughts didn’t mean I was trying to squeeze in ALL THE THINKING FOR THE WHOLE YEAR. Sure, it gave me time to stretch out some atrophying muscles up there… but that time without responsibilities also REMINDED me how important it is to connect with myself often.

woman in souk in essaouira a coastal town in morocco is smiling and looking joyful while playing moroccan lute gimbri

As a mom, I am constantly reminded I need self care. But self care is WAY MORE THAN a monthly girls night and some afternoons at the gym! It’s daily attention to one’s sense of self. Like brushing teeth without listing out a checklist of daily activities in one’s head while doing so – instead just paying attention to the way the brushing motion feels. Noticing that the sound of crickets makes me smile and feel calm. It’s the opposite of multi tasking. It’s giving your feelings some space so that you can pay proper attention to them. It’s being mindful of your life.

This is not intended as a manifesto for moms, or for women, or for business owners, or for someone who juggles all 3. Travel is for ANYONE who could use time outside of the daily grind. To think. To be unrushed. To appreciate.

american woman shows berber mother a picture of her kids on the back of her camera, in their tent home outside of merzouga in the desert

Travel is good for the soul.

Travel is in my blood. The urge stirred in college with Latin America, as I taught English in Costa Rica and traveled throughout neighboring countries. I think a piece of my heart will always be Tica, just as they say you always carry a part of your first love in your heart.

It’s important to me to connect with PEOPLE when I travel, and of course I couldn’t resist the urge to befriend a family or two in Morocco, too. I guess that means I left a piece of myself there, too. ❤️

picture of american white woman with moroccan family in their home outside of marrakesh near project soar.

I am using the current pandemic travel bans as an opportunity to teach my oldest son Spanish so I can join him in an extended trip to Ecuador once the world opens up. Soon thereafter I plan to join my friend Erica again in our girls getaway, this time to Cuba.  #GLT

Any kindred souls up for joining us??

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