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  • Unique things to do with kids near Canton and Cleveland OHIO: Hike a BOG!
    Northeast Ohio has a lot to offer the family who travels with kids… When we stayed in the NE Ohio country between Canton and Cleveland, one of my favorite activities with my kids outside was FREE and FUN: we took a walk through the Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve! My kids had never seen a
  • Winner of our first Giveaway | Free Shirt for our Store Launch!
    CONGRATULATIONS to Instagrammer Mollie Relihan: the recipient of a FREE SHIRT as part of our first Instagram giveaway!! We appreciate your support and are excited to see you sporting your Independent Mama gear! Mollie is a fellow coffee lover, and selected Pamela’s very own favorite shirt: our Coffee First, Schemes Later design, in the Heather
  • WILD CHILD Shirt for Women | The Story Behind the Design
    I may have been called a “Wild Child” once or twice in my life, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t intended to be a positive thing. 🤷‍♀️⁠ I say embrace your inner wild!! I sure have, and willfully, because it has given me some amazing experiences… Once in Costa Rica I jumped on a bus
  • A Creative Kids Shirt Designed BY a Kid | Interview with the 2nd Grade Designer
    I guess it’s natural that when your kid watches you doodling shirt design ideas, she wants to do it, too… especially a crazy creative art fiend like my daughter! But I admit that when Maya asked if SHE could design a shirt, I might have been a little skeptical. I told her that I wouldn’t
  • 3 Simple Tricks to get your Kids Outside Hiking
    If your kids are anything like mine, they don’t respond positively to being told they are going on a nature hike. At least not right away! Once they are out exploring, mine are generally won over; but I would rather avoid the hassle of convincing them to put on a smile for our walk outside.