A Creative Kids Shirt Designed BY a Kid | Interview with the 2nd Grade Designer

I guess it’s natural that when your kid watches you doodling shirt design ideas, she wants to do it, too… especially a crazy creative art fiend like my daughter! But I admit that when Maya asked if SHE could design a shirt, I might have been a little skeptical. I told her that I wouldn’t guarantee anything, but that I would love to see some of her design ideas and we could see if one worked.

Well, her first design was a winner! Clearly I have some budding talent on my hands. 😉 Introducing the Friend Toddler Tee:

toddler wearing cute t shirt with fun kids drawing of imaginary creature and text that says "You are my friend"

Maya drew out the initial sketch by pencil then traced it out with a sharpie. We scanned it into photoshop, where she colored it in and dictated the text. Ta da!

Initially the artist wasn’t keen on an interview, but after a handful of bribery cookies, her tongue loosened up and she agreed to be featured on the Independent Mama blog. Enjoy the insight into this young creative mind!

Interview with the Artist

Maya Anticole
Pittsburgh, PA

Why did you want to design a shirt?

MAYA: Because it looked fun! I saw my mom doing it and I thought I could make a good shirt design, too. That’s why I asked if I could make one.

Where did you come up for the idea for your design?

MAYA: I like both unicorns and kitty cats so I thought it would be fun to put them together. I wanted the unikitty to say something kind because I like when I draw things to be kind. I don’t really like drawing bad guys.

Who do you think should wear your shirt?

MAYA: She is young, sweet, and likes playing outside. She is a little wild and a little kind. Her hair is the color of sunset. When she grows up she is going to be a baker and create amazing cakes.

Do you think your next shirt design will also mix creatures like the unicorn and kitty? What do you want to design next?

MAYA: I’ve been thinking of another one that I want to do, maybe with an owl. I like mixing creatures because they are creative and different.

Looking forward too seeing what you come up with next, Maya!

You can see more about how Maya fits into the team at Independent Mama here. Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!